We help our clients accumulate wealth with low risk, high potential earnings all the while producing guaranteed income for life.


Accounting and insurance operations can be a daunting task for the most seasoned business owners. We foster pride in our profession, while being honest and ethical in everything we do by finding creative ways to accomplish big goals. Your goals! Together, we achieve more.


Financial consultations are always free of charge in our “house”! We take the time to analyze your current savings portfolio, insurance needs and tax status in order to create a well rounded plan for your future. You manage everything else, leave the planning to us!


Our clients have full access to life and annuity carriers who achieve a COMDEX rating of “A” or higher. Multiple carrier offerings bring each individual special products that are tailored to their unique needs creating smart money moves, no matter the circumstances — in life or business.

You made the right choice!

We proudly offer a range of services in accounting, finance, insurance, audits and attestation, outsourcing, healthcare and not-for-profit.
As the Wealth Bulldog, Joan creates Rockefeller strategy vehicles to accumulate wealth as quickly as possible, protect assets and create a lasting legacy – just like the Rockefellers have done for seven generations. Together, she and her clients tap also into savings and investment tools used by legendary powerhouses like Warren Buffet. Creating millionaires is a pure joy for us … So, you truly can’t afford to not have us on your wealth building team!

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    “Accounting is the language of business.”
    -Warren Buffet

    Don’t ever let your business get ahead of the financial side of things.

    Accounting, accounting, accounting. Know your numbers.


    When On Your Show ... You And Your Listeners Will Learn:

    (1) Fortune building secrets that the Rockefellers + Warren Buffet use for generational wealth; (2) To Pay Tax Now, Later, or NEVER in order to minimize lifetime tax and maximize your money; and (3) To retire young so that your money out lives you while living in style and guaranteed income.